Our People and Our Work Environment

Our work environment is light filled, clean, and beautiful. We can only produce small batches allowing our multi-talented people the ability to work on a variety of projects.

We care about our employees, they are given fair wages, healthcare, vacation, overtime and retirement benefits. We provide healthy lunches everyday, English classes and a great soccer field to play on.

Our designs are hand applied using low-impact, cold set dyes. The fabrics are then dried in the warm Andean sun minimizing run off and keeping our environment clean. We are planting organic gardens to use both for food and the production of natural dyes.

Our one-of-kind designs are inspired by natural elements and the merging of cultures.

Artisans hand-apply designs on natural fibers using our special combination of ancient and modern techniques.

Our fabrics are dried by the South American sun between layers and then rinsed with our fresh spring water.

We are proud of our exceptional quality. The garments are stitched and finished with precision and care.